SCTA State Shoot

Several members and friends donated extra money to this year’s big event, which hosted over 160 competitors from more than 11, including 1 shooter from Canada.

The weather was beautiful with the exception of Sunday, which turned cloudy and damp.. The night before, everyone enjoyed great fellowship and a fried fish dinner. Plans already are underway for next year shoot; and we look forward to seeing many familiar faces and welcoming new friends.

Please visit the shoot calendar to participate and support our local gun clubs.

2017 State Shoot Winners:
Singles: David Shaeffer Jr. — 200/200

Handicap: David Barron — 97/100

Doubles: David Shaeffer Jr. — 99/100
All Around: David Shaeffer Jr. — 394/400

Click here for the full 2017 State Shoot results