Hall of Fame

The late Frank Foster will forever hold the honor of being the Palmetto State’s first hall of fame inductee. The Spartanburg native joined the Amateur Trapshooting Association in 1967 and through the years earned high marks and championship titles in both trap and skeet not only in South Carolina but nationwide.

Five years after his election into the S.C. Trapshooting Hall of Fame, Frank earned a spot into the state Skeet Shooters Hall of Fame, making him the first South Carolinian to be inducted into both.

Year Inductee
2018 Rodney Raines
2017 Teresa Knight
2016 Doug Stenback
2015 Dickey Pigg
2015 Donnie Pigg
2014 Kenny Inman
2014 Jack Schaub
2012 Henry D. Cross
2012 James Faber
2011 Clay Jones
2009 Paul R. Earle
2007 Mike Harrelson
2006 Russell Adams
2005 John L. Pickitt
2003 Ronnie Cox
2002 Neil Alexander
2000 Isaac Andrews
1999 U.R. Brooks
1998 Wallace R. Irwin
1997 Elbert Throckmorton
1997 John Stillwagon
1996 Paul Rollins
1995 Frank Foster

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