Youth Trapshooting

Students Aim High With the Academics, Integrity and Marksmanship Program

In South Carolina we understand that the future of trapshooting rests with the youth of our state. As older enthusiasts fade from the sport, young folks are the ones who must carry forward the traditions we hold dear. That’s why the South Carolina Trapshooters’ Association and its member clubs promote AIM.

AIM is the official youth program of the Amateur Trapshooting Association. Named for the values it promotes — academics, integrity and marksmanship — the program allows young people from elementary school through college age the opportunity to compete either as teams or as individuals.

Participants are taught safe shooting habits and gun handling, trapshooting etiquette, and all about the sport. They learn to shoot singles and doubles, the meaning of “handicap” and other commonly used words, how to score and referee, and to even operate the trap machines. But we don’t stop there.

Through competition, our youth learn life lessons including teamwork, sportsmanship and giving back to society. They learn the true meaning of the three supporting principals of AIM. They learn why academics, integrity and marksmanship are important. The National AIM program awards annual scholarships to worthy youth in each of those categories.

Each year, shooters from our state join hundreds more around the country to participate in the National AIM Championships in Sparta, Ill. They compete for honors, awards and prizes that showcase their shooting ability.

Our state AIM Championship in May is hosted in conjunction with the State Trapshooting Championship.

Interested in starting an AIM program at your club? Call Scott Pace, state AIM coordinator at (843) 672-8061 or (864) 285-0753.

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